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Heart. Strength. Tenacity. That’s what it takes to move on with your life after cancer. Here at Project Koru, we believe every young adult survivor can show heart, build strength and find their inner tenacity to rebuild their life after cancer.  

In the last four years, more than 330 survivors have done that through our outdoor adventure camps and retreats!

Through these programs, we’ve learned of new and growing needs that you can help make possible:

  • ‘This is Life’ Retreat: Led by experts in the young adult cancer fields, this three-day workshop retreat is designed to improve survivors’ knowledge and skills as they address new challenges in all areas of their post-cancer life: finances, family, health, career, and relationships.
  • Legacy Retreat: A retreat for individuals with advanced stages of cancer seeking a healing, energetic experience while exploring what it means to ‘Live a Positive Legacy.’

By joining our Club Koru with a monthly donation, you’re joining a small circle of supporters committed to the success of our ongoing, innovative programs for young adult cancer survivors. You make it possible for us to identify needs and meet them.

You power these programs. You make them happen. Your gift—no matter the size—will make a difference. 

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