2012 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer

Benefiting: Project Koru
Jul 13
Hosted by:Project Koru
July 13, 2012 at 5:00pm to
July 23, 2012 at 5:00pm
Hood River, Oregon map Hood River Event Site Hood River, OR 97031
Goal: $100,000
$69,177 4 69% Complete

Campaign Details

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KB4C directly impacts lives affected by cancer right NOW.

The 6th Annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer will take place in Hood River, Oregon on July 13-15, on the beautiful Columbia River. Commonly known as "KB4C", Kiteboarding 4 Cancer empowers kiteboarders from all over to race and endure in a 6 Hour Kite Derby Endurance Race and Team Relay kiteboarding events to raise money for Athletes for Cancer's KORU Survivorship Program. If you don't know about it, take 3 minutes to watch this video: https://vimeo.com/35530624 or read on....

The Story behind the cause

Kiteboarding 4 Cancer (the event) and Athletes for Cancer (the organization) began from the hospital bed of 19-year old Scott Farman, fighting for his life with Leukemia. Sick of watching him suffer, his sister Tonia harnessed her passion for the outdoors to raise funds and awareness for cancer. In the process, what transpired was something much bigger. Recognizing the powerful healing combination of the elements, profound personal relationships, and overcoming personal challenges in the outdoors, a program was born that would memorialize Scott’s struggle with cancer and help future fighters rebuild their lives after cancer.

The Challenge

Young adults (ages 15-40) are the fastest growing group among 10 million new cancer diagnoses each year. Over 70,000 individuals in this age group are diagnosed each year -- that is 7 times more than children. They face unique challenges with their cancer including being far from family, lack of peer support, fertility and relationship issues, limited insurance, maintaining self-esteem and a career, and much more. Despite the hundreds of cancer foundations nationally, survivorship is generally an area not commonly treated. Of the few resources offered, many are not adequate for young adults and are often rejected. Recognizing a need for survivorship-focused programs, Athletes for Cancer began the KORU Survivorship Program.

The Purpose

The purpose of KORU is to empower teen and young adult survivors to find direction, confidence, and strength in their daily lives after cancer. The channel for this life-renewal is outdoor adventure.  

Camps run for 6 days, and are set in locations accommodating a safe learning environment for participants. Survivors are given the proper tools, instruction, and focused encouragement required to take on new challenges in a safe setting, such as – surfing, standup paddling, outrigger canoeing, and snowboarding.

Individuals discover that they can overcome fears of something they never thought they can do, sharing their experiences with peers at camp.  This journey at camp serves as a vehicle that channels strength, promotes renewal, and fuels passion for a healthy and productive life ahead, inspiring everyone around them to embrace life and challenges in the same way.

The Outcome

A KORU camp attendee wrote me a letter after camp recently: “There are certain events in your life that change you forever. You are not the same person anymore. Cancer is one of those events. The A4C camp was another. I was personally lost and couldn’t go back to what I was doing before. I struggled to figure out who I was anymore. Athletes 4 Cancer showed me that I can make the most of my life by trying new things, taking on a challenge, breaking out of my box, and living again.” You can read more from Jersey Girl here. Her story is awesome.

The name “KORU” stands for the spiral Maori symbol representing new life, growth, strength, and peace. If you ever come visit the tiny Athletes for Cancer office in Hood River, Oregon, you'll get to see the glass-top table displaying dozens of letters from survivors describing these words and the impact of the KORU program on their lives. Here are some more words from our camp ambassadors.

Kiteboarding 4 Cancer - July 13-15th Event Details

The actual kiteboarding events take place on Saturday and Sunday starting with the 6-Hour Kite Derby Endurance Race. In this race, Kiteboarders endure strong current, variable winds, and stunningly distracting views to kiteboard a 2-mile course in laps, for 6 hours. The goal is to get the most number of laps over the 6 hour period. Athletes can come in and out of the water anytime during the 6 hours, but are encouraged to go the distance! Watch the start of last year's race:  http://vimeo.com/13261368 .

On Sunday, we continue the fun with the Relay-on-the-Green Team Races. Sounds like kiteboarding on the lawn? Well, some of it is!  Teams of 4 kiteboarders are given instructions just 10 minutes before the start as to what they will be doing. All they know is they will be kiteboarding. It's always a surprise. This is one of the most entertaining events of the weekend! Sponsors are invited to participate and sponsor a team for the Relay-on-the-Green Team Races. Contact tonia@ athletes4cancer.org for more info.  

2 ways to participate as an athlete in KB4C.

  1. Fundraise Start a fundraising page here - Individuals: $500 minimum, Teams: $2000 minimum.  Keep in mind you can fundraise as much as you would like! These are just minimums. If you don't raise the minimum of $500 by July 13th, you simply pay the $75 entry fee at athlete check-in. Check out what you get below for raising $500 from our generous donors.
  2. Register (Register online - $75 individual / $300 team, NO fundraising required)

What you get participating as a Fundraiser.

Kite Derby Individuals and Teams who raise the minimums above, receive:

  • Entry into the Kite Derby
  • Athlete goody bag
  • KB4C Event T-Shirt
  • 1 ticket for the Athlete BBQ dinner Friday night
  • 1 ticket for lunch on Saturday in the Athlete Lounge
  • 2 drink tickets
  • Top 6 Teams who fundraise the most get their choice pole position for the Relay Race on Sunday.

When you hit these fundraising levels, you get way cool prizes. We're still finalizing all the prizes. Except when we add more! $500, $1500, $2500, $5000, $7500, $10,000


Event FAQs

How do TEAMS fundraise? 
Each person on the team creates their own fundraising page by first HERE. Once you create your page here, you will see a box on the lower right that states, "You are currently fundraising individually. Do you want to join or create a team?" Click this button.  If your team already exists, you simply click on the next option "JOIN A TEAM". If not, select "CREATE A TEAM". It's that easy. TEAMS must fundraise a minimum of $2000 for each team member to receive the Fundraiser benefits above. TEAMS receive free entry into one of the two TEAM events: either the TEAM Relay in the Kite Derby on Saturday or the Relay-on-the-Green TEAM Relay Races on Sunday. TEAMS may participate in the second TEAM event for $250. 

"I don't like asking people for money..." 
Don't ask for money; ask for them to check out what you're doing this for here: 

https://vimeo.com/channels/athletes4cancer/21363252 and the program that it supports

Better yet, show them the actual START of the Kite Derby Race and the physical endeavour you are undertaking!   If it speaks to them, they will donate. If not, it's ok! Some will support you, some won't. However, you will be surprised how quickly you can raise $500 and even $2500 when you reach out to your entire network... Email, Facebook, Family, Friends, etc... 

Does each member of my TEAM get a fundraising prize at that level? 
YES! The benchmarks are different at the TEAM level, so be sure to check them out under each level HERE

How do TEAMS work in the 6-Hour Kite Derby Endurance Race? 
TEAM Jersey = BATON. Each individual on the team will kite for as long as they want (or planned for), then hand off their jersey AS THE BATON to the next team member, and this repeats with either 3 or 4 TEAM members. TEAMS must first land their kites safely before transferring jersey to the next team member. 

Can I race both as an Individual and on a TEAM? 
You must select one or the other when you fundraise or register, and you must race as one or the other to be eligible for Kite Derby prizes. If you want to ride for a TEAM, and also kite individually aside from your team time on the water, you can do so. However, your laps will not be recorded as an individual. 

How many people can be on a TEAM? 
3 or 4 for Kite Derby. 4 for Relay-on-the-Green Team Races on Sunday 

How does Sunday's Relay-on-the-Green Team Relay work? 

This is a separate event from Saturday's Team Relay in the Kite Derby. Teams find out what's going to happen on the day of the event at the riders' meeting. The cost is $250 per team and is limited to just 12 teams. Top 5 fundraising teams who fundraise over $5000 get FREE entry and pole position. TEAMS in this event all receive special Patagonia jerseys for their participation. I highly recommend putting together a team for this event. It's the most fun 2 hours of the weekend. Register HERE. 


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